An Economic Study of the Most Significant Factors Affecting the Egyptian Agricultural Domestic Product

Document Type : Original Research


Agricultural Economics Department, Faculty of Agriculture. Al-Azhar University, Cairo


The agricultural sector in Egypt is considered one of the most important sectors that play an important role in achieving economic development, by providing agricultural products needed for food and industry and providing job opportunities for a large segment of the population, in addition to exporting some agricultural products to foreign markets, which provides an opportunity to increase the volume of exports through which economic development is achieved in other economic sectors. Thus, the research aims to identify the most important factors affecting the total value of the Egyptian agricultural domestic product, with the aim of reaching the most important solutions and proposals that may enable agricultural policy makers to address the problems faced by these factors, which led to a decline in the contribution of agricultural domestic product to the gross domestic product in order to lead to the growth of agricultural income and the advancement of the Egyptian agricultural sector. And through the results that have been reached, which are that the value of agricultural investments, the number of agricultural workers, and the number of agricultural tractors are major determinants of the agricultural domestic product, which suffers from a significant decline in its contribution to the gross domestic product, it is necessary for the government to continue implementing programs, plans, and policies aimed at pumping more investments directed to the agricultural sector, which leads to an increase in agricultural production, and then an increase in the value of the gross domestic product, which contributes to advancing economic development.


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